Empowering Lifelong Learning

At That Can Be Me, Inc. we believe that every individual should be a lifelong learner with the self-confidence and the resources to reach his or her full potential. By creating communities of learners who can build on each other’s ideas, we can develop a population with the insights and skills necessary to be resilient, thriving members of an informed and engaged society.  In short, we believe that every individual – regardless of personal situation – should believe “that can be me:” that he or she can have the resources to be a lifelong learner and contributor.


To make this dream a reality, we have created a unique learning program, building on a set of successful pilots:

Books@Work is a rigorous college level program that partners with colleges and companies to bring professor-led seminars to the workplace to enable confidence, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Our dual mission — to help develop life long learners while creating direct tangible benefits for companies — makes Books@Work unique. Our social mission permits us to provide a high quality and affordable learning experience for a wide variety of adult learners.  Our ability to strengthen businesses by supporting the skills of their employees assures us access and the funding we need to reach significant scale nationally.  By developing life-long learners, critical thinkers and readers, Books@Work benefits everyone: companies, families, and communities.

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